COSPAL Composites produces a large variety of antennas with diameters ranging from 3 to 70 meters using material of the highest quality and proprietary manufacturing techniques with totally bonded panels with or without deicing systems.

Our company is recognized world-wide for its capability of producing formed reflector panels with the highest surface accuracy and form stability.

This process has been perfected and used in the fabrication of the reflector panels built for the three 70 m Antennas of the NASA Deep Space Network, that made possible the encounter of Voyager 2 with the outer planets of our solar system.

COSPAL Composites is supplier to the most important radio-astronomy institutes and space agencies, with more than 1000 antennas ranging from 4 to 70 meter installed all over the world. RMS accuracy achievable less than 65 microns measured by photogrammetry system supplied by GSI.

COSPAL Composites is specialized in the production of:

  • Bonded panels  
  • Check-out templates
  • Panel fabrication fixtures
  • Welded & Machined aluminum structures
  • Sub-reflectors
  • Sub-reflector support structures
  • BWG Mirrors
  • De-icing plenums

And in carrying out special activities such as:

  • Surface accuracy check – out
  • Deicer installation
  • Installation and control services