Aluminum honeycomb and Polyurethane foam cored Panels for commercial purposes.

Years of experience and evolving technology has enabled Cospal Composites to develop unique processes for the manufacture of composite panels that provide light weight, high stability, sound dampening and high strength. These panels have been successfully used in the rail, aerospace, marine, automotive, machinery and building industries.

These panels are manufactured using a state-of-the-art surface treatment and bonding operations in clean room environment.

Cospal aluminum fabrication

• Thickness range from 6 mm up to 120mm

• Max panel dimensions (single piece) 2450x13000mm

• Different type of cores (foams or aluminum honeycomb)

• Different type of skins (Aluminium and stainless steel)

• Different type of aluminium (skin thickness)

• Different type of finishing (pre-painted alu skins)

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